Chakra Anxiety Support Bracelet 21cm

Chakra Anxiety Support Bracelet 21cm

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Snowflake Obsidian - calms and soothes- balance for body, mind and spirit. Helps you to recognise and release 'wrong thinking' and stressful mental patterns.

1st     Base              Red Coral
2nd    Sacral             Carnelian
3rd    Solar Plexus   Tiger's  Eye
4th    Heart               Jade
5th    Throat             Blue Howlite
6th    Third Eye        Lapis Lazuli
7th    Crown            Amethyst

We hope this bracelet alleviates some of the side effects and symptoms your body is going thru. We know crystals don't hold the cure, but we do hope they offer you some comfort in their vibrational aide.

Once again this bracelet is not a cure! Please follow your doctor's treatment plan.


Please Note:

As our Chakra Anxiety Support Bracelet is an artisan product; colours, clarity and appearance may differ from the image displayed on our website.