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Nano water-soluble blends refer to a type of formulation where substances, often compounds or active ingredients, are broken down into nanoscale particles and made water-soluble. This technology involves reducing the size of particles to nanometer dimensions, typically less than 100 nanometers, to enhance their solubility in water. This process is commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and cosmetics. Here's a breakdown of the key components:

Nano-Technology: Nano-technology involves working with materials at the nanoscale, which is on the order of billionths of a meter. When substances are broken down into nanoparticles, their properties can change, providing benefits such as increased surface area, improved bioavailability, and enhanced solubility.

Water Solubility: Making a substance water-soluble means that it can easily dissolve in water. This is crucial for applications where water is the primary medium, such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, or certain cosmetic formulations. Nanoparticles can have better water solubility compared to larger particles, as their increased surface area allows for more effective interaction with water molecules.

Blends: The term "blends" indicates that this technology often involves combining multiple substances or active ingredients to create a synergistic effect. These blends can be tailored for specific applications, such as creating a stable and highly bioavailable pharmaceutical formulation or enhancing the flavour and nutritional profile of a beverage.

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