Will I fail a drug test from using Hemp Shack (Aust). products?

Studies have shown that THC from low THC hemp seed foods is unlikely to be detected in oral fluid tests or urine samples based on analysis following Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4308-2008). To find out more, please visit https://www.standards.org.au/

What is the lead time for hemp products once ordered?

Lead times will vary depending on the order size. Please contact us to get a more accurate ETA on an order if not received in 5-7 business days.

Is my order freight free?

Due to our competitive pricing we do not offer free freight which is currently $11.95 standard flat rate Australia wide, $16.95 express flat rate Australia wide and $29.95 standard postage to New Zealand. In certain cases, you will be contacted if your order is bulk to negotiate fair & reasonable shipping prices.

Is your hemp grown in Canada or just produced?

Our hemp is 100% organically grown and produced in Canada and our goal is to provide you with the freshest quality hemp.

What is the shelf life of hemp products?

We guarantee our products to stay fresh for a shelf life of 24 months, unopened. Once opened, we recommend consuming the product within 6 ‐9 months for optimal freshness and quality.

However, there is no reason to stop consuming the product if it still smells and tastes fresh. Our products have been known to taste and smell fresh for over 2 years when stored correctly.

Are your hemp products organic?

Our hemp products are grown by the Canadian growing partner of our Australian Supplier under organic conditions. The certified organic, high tech processing facility is accredited by international food certification authorities. The produce testing is carried out by Canadian and Australian approved Laboratories that meet the strict BICON Australia and International authority standards. The GMO-free certification and approved chemical-free growing methods are sufficient which makes the exorbitant extra land cost certification unnecessary. A cost that would have to be passed onto our customers. Hence, we are able to offer you a better product at a cheaper price without the need of extra certification.

Should you require Certified Organic Hemp products in bulk, please contact us for more details.