-- THC Free -- Gluten Free -- Dairy Free -- GMO/GE Free -- Lactose Free --
    -- Solvent Free -- Additive Free -- Nut free -- Vegan friendly -- Organic --
    Hemp Seeds and their oils are packed with Omegas 3, 6 and 9.
    They are known for improving heart health, supporting mental health, reducing weight and waist size, decreasing liver fat, supporting infant brain development, fighting inflammation, preventing dementia, promoting bone health and preventing asthma.

    Please Note: Hemp Shack (Aust) products are not intended to detect, treat or cure any disease or illness. Although uncommon, if you do experience a reaction to any items in our product range when taken, applied to skin or used in a way not intended, consult medical advice immediately.

    For more information on individual Omega benefits, please refer to the SCIENCE tab on the main menu.