Product Name: Canadian hemp seed oil.

Plant Source: Cannabis sativa.

Seed Source: Cold pressed from cannabis hemp seeds.

Status: Edible food certified for human consumption.

Accreditation: Food Safety: ISO22000 v 4.1, ISO22000:2005, ISO 22002-1: 2009 and additional FSSC 22000 Requirements, Kosher.

Product Ingredients: 100% Canadian hemp seeds.

Description: Unrefined hemp seed oil is made from 100% edible seeds of the cannabis plant (hemp plant). It has been grown and produced in Canada for Bulk Hemp Food without the use of agricultural chemicals, without pesticides and with no sprays. It has not been exposed to direct UV light, has not been UV-Sterilized and has not been radiated or exposed to any form of radiation. Maximum processing temperature is less than 30°C.

Colour and Appearance: Translucent green oil.

Flavour and Odour: Slightly nutty flavour and odour.

Usage: Functional culinary oil used as an edible ingredient, for table and cold oil blends, and as a companion pet food ingredient or for body care products.

Country / Origin: Grown and totally produced in Canada - HS Code: 1515.09.

Lot Number: 62 DAWIKAC-01.

Production Date: 15 Feb 2019.

Best Before Date: 14 Feb 2021.

THC – Zero to less than 5 parts per million - (International allowable limit <5ppm)

Storage/Handling: Sensitive moisture - Store in dry place under 30 to 50% humidity at less than 30°C out of direct sunlight.
Shelf life: Expected 12 months from date of opening when stored appropriately in cool place in original packaging.

Product Specification and Analysis per 100 ml
Micro-Biological Test Standard Plate Count <5 CFU/g

Total Coliforms <10 CFU/g

Yeast and mould <5 CFU/g

E coli Negative at <10 CFU/g

Salmonella Negative

Staphylococcus Aureus Negative at <5CFU/g Calories 800 cal

Fat 97%

Carbohydrates 0%

Sugar 0g

Protein 0%

Mono Unsaturated Fat 12%

Saturated Fat 10%

Ash 0%

Moisture 0%

Gluten <5 ppm

Fatty Acid Profile per 100 ml

Fatty Acid

Linoleum acid (LA) (Omega 6)

Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) (Omega 3)

Oleic acid (Omega 9)

Palmitic acid

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA)

Stearic acid

Stearifonic acid (SDA) (Omega 3)

Arachidic acid

C18:1 cis isomers

Behenic acid

C20 cis -11-eicosenoic Lignoceric acid

Myristic acid

Total %


Hemp Shack (Aust) further certifies that natural cold pressed hemp seed oil described above:
• Has been cold pressed from hemp seeds (cannabis sativa) grown under the Canadian food safety system.
• Has been cold pressed and extracted from 100% edible seeds of the industrial cannabis sativa plant (hemp plant).
• Has been mechanically cold filtered and clarified down to 1 micron.
• Has been grown and produced without the use of agricultural chemicals.
• Has been grown without the use of sprays.
• No pesticides have been used during growing or during processing.
• The seeds have been cleaned to 99.95% purity.
• Has not be exposed to direct UV-rays during processing and has not been UV-sterilised in any way.
• Has not been radiated or exposed to any form of radiation.
• It is totally natural and additive free.

This Hemp Seed Oil is natural and contains no solvent residues and has been produced in a GMO/GE Free production process.

It does not contain any Genetically Modified Organism (G.M.O.) and has not been genetically modified in any way.

It conforms to the regulations (EC) 1829/2003 and (EC) 1830/2003.

This product does not contain ingredients from Bovine, Ovine, Caprine or any animal source.

There is no risk of BSE contamination since all ingredients (INCI/CTFA), are Natural Plant derived.

It does not contain any of the following substances listed below:
• PBT substances (Persistent Bio-Toxicity) and vPvB substances (very Persistent, very Bioaccumulable) listed in Reach regulation,
• SVHC substances (Substances of Very High Concern) listed in Reach regulation,
• Substances classified as Carcinogens, Mutagens or substances toxic for Reproduction, CMR, according to annex V part 3 of regulation (EC) 1272/