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Premium Instant Kava Root Powder 40g

  • Product Info

    Kava Australia brings you an artisan crafted Kava that is smooth and pleasant. We choose from the best kavalactone samples grown in the lush green islands of Kadavu and Gau and the flourishing hills of Naitasiri and Tailevu North.

    • Made from premium Kava varieties imported from Fiji.
    • Easy to mix with your favourite milk, juice, or water (Almond, coconut, flavoured dairy milk, etc)
    • Produced from HACCP and FDA-certified manufacturing facilities.
    • Free of wheat products, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and milk.


    Add half a teaspoon of instant kava powder into a mug or glass and stir to dissolve into the solution. If using large shaker, add a teaspoon per beverage.


    Use in moderation. May cause drowsiness.

  • Weight:

    50 g

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