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Hemp Hit Spice

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    Hemp Hit! Spice Collection

    Add a little hemp to your salads, meats, BBQs, and vegetables. With the perfect blend of hemp and spices, you can add something truly unique to your diet. 

    Give your taste buds a treat with something truly special.

    Buy all-natural, freshly ground, small-batch designer spice blends. There are no fillers or preservatives for the ultimate blend of taste and health. Enjoy an Australian first with our tasty hemp-based spices.

    Hemp Hit! Original 140 g

    Great with salad, chicken, fish, and vegetables.


    Hulled hemp seeds (30%), salt, spices, fennel seeds, garlic, and onion.

    Hemp Hit! BBQ 150 g

    Make your BBQ go from ordinary to extraordinary. Great with all meats and vegetables.


    Spices, hulled hemp seeds (16%), smoked paprika, and sugar.


    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    We make no therapeutic claims for this product.

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    200 g

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    Herbs & Spices

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