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100% Dehydrated Meat Sticks for Pets

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    100% Meat - No Preservatives - Nothing Added.

    For the carnivores - 100% dehydrated Meat Sticks for Pets presents a premium and wholesome dietary treat tailored to the nutritional needs of our beloved animal companions.

    Crafted through a meticulous process that extracts moisture while locking in essential nutrients, this form of pet sustenance offers a convenient and shelf-stable solution.

    This innovation not only preserves the authentic taste of the meat but also maintains its inherent vitamins and minerals, ensuring pets receive a nourishing and flavourful meal.

    Whether as a reward or a training treat, our 100% dehydrated Meat Sticks for Pets exemplifies a commitment to their well-being, providing a natural and delicious meat alternative that pet owners can trust to keep their furry friends healthy and happy.

    Pack of 10 - variety of flavours. 

    Flavours may change due to availability. 

  • Weight:

    300 g

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    Animals & Pet Supplies

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    Pet Treats