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How can I help my anxious pet the natural way?

How can I help my anxious pet the natural way?

Your furry friend is part of the family, so when they’re stressed, you feel it too!

To know how to soothe their anxiety the natural way, take a look at our article. We offer some suggestions for helping your pet to relax — the gentle way.


Exercise is a great anxiety-buster for animals just as much as humans! In fact, lack of physical activity can actually bring on anxiety or make it worse.

If your dog is showing signs of stress, then try increasing the length of the number of walks you take it on.

You can also incorporate games into your exercise session. Something as simple as throwing a stick or ball for your dog can be effective in burning off that nervous energy.

Cats benefit from exercise and play too. Invest in some toys like a cat tree or climbing frame that can be used indoors so they can get their fix any time of the day or night.


Who doesn’t love a pampering session? Massage is a great therapy for anxious animals — and studies have shown that stroking your pet is great for us humans too, so we all win!

Try long, slow strokes while speaking to your pet in a gentle, calming voice and feel the tension simply melt away.

With cats, be mindful that most kitties don’t like certain areas to be touched. Stick to the head and upper portion of the body so you don’t end up stressing them even more.


Pheromones are compounds released naturally by animals, and these have an effect on other creatures of the same species.

You can buy plug-in diffusers that release synthetic calming pheromones suitable either for dogs or cats from your vet. The idea is that your pet will recognise these pheromones, which will make them feel safe and secure.

They may take a couple of weeks to work, but it’s worth giving them a try and seeing how your pet responds.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil for pets is safe, natural and offers positive health benefits.

As well as boosting your pet’s physical health thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, hemp can offer a calming effect too.

Our Pet Hemp Spray is a great all-round product. And it’s so easy to use — simply spray it on your pet’s food five times daily for easy consumption.

You can also introduce hemp seed into your pet’s diet with our Hemp Eco Pellets For Pets. Suitable for chickens, horses, dogs, cats, birds and small animals, this dietary supplement also offers plenty of fibre to keep their gut happy too!

Hemp Shack’s Hemp Seed Oil works for dogs, cats and other pets too. You can add it to their food or even use a few drops as a massage oil for that essential pampering session!

Hemp seed oil for cats, dogs and all your other furry friends!

There are lots of ways of helping your pet’s anxiety the natural way.

Start with hemp seed oil products for pets to help boost their overall health and wellbeing. It’s a gentle and side-effect-free way to show you care.