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Media Release - Clinical Trial Results

Media Release - Clinical Trial Results

Hemp Shack – Media Release (September 2023)


Scientific study results - Feeding Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets” to horses does not result in detectible levels of THC, CBD1 or CBD2 in the blood*

There are two main active chemical compounds in industrial hemp. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychedelic component while cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most prevalent compound, but it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effect. Both compounds though are currently banned under racing and FEI regulations.

With the discovery of the health and nutritional benefits of highly fermentable fibres and Omega 3 oils in horse diets, industrial hemp has become a popular feed choice but with THC and CBD being banned substances, there is much hesitation in using hemp as a horse feed. Industrial hemp is naturally extremely low in THC and CBDs, with no detectible levels of either compound found in Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets”, but it is unknown whether feeding industrial hemp, in particular Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets”, to horses would result in any THC or CBDs being detected.

Dr Mark Barnett of MTB Equine Services conducted a scientifically-based horse feeding trial (approved by the University of New England, Armidale NSW) of industrial hemp using our nutritionally-balanced, 100% hemp flour feed – Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets”. Below is a summary of the trial and the results (full study to be published in an international scientific journal):

  • 10 horses (Thoroughbred and Arabian) housed in small individual paddocks.
  • Fed daily a pelleted hemp flour feed (Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets”) at a rate of 600g/100kg body weight
  • Balance of diet being grass pasture and lucerne/alfalfa hay to meet recommended daily energy intake for a horse in maintenance in accordance with NRC (2007)
  • Weight of horses measured at start and end of experiment.
  • 10mL venous (neck vein) blood sample taken at 5 different times over four weeks and sent for analysis.
    • The minimum levels of THC and CBDs detectible in testing was 50 µg (micro grams)/L blood or 0.005%


Result –

  • No detectible levels of THC in any blood sample.
  • No detectible levels of CBDs in any blood sample.
  • All horses increased in body weight.

Industrial hemp has the potential to become another high quality, highly fermentable fibre with great nutritional benefits for horses. While additional studies involving more horses are required to confirm the results of the above study, it does indicate that Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets” may be able to provide quality fermentable fibre for good-gut health in horses without the negative aspects often associated with hemp – THC and CBDs.

Another uniqueness about Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets” is that it is the only known horse feed to have a total sugar and starch content less than 1%. This makes Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets” probably the lowest sugar and starch, naturally-produced horse feed in the world! – perfect for EMS, IR, Laminitic, senior, growing, injured, ill and post-veterinary intervention horses.

Hemp Shack “Hemp Eco Edible Pellets for Pets” truly is a game changer!

  • Less than 1% sugars and starch
  • High concentration of highly fermentable fibre for good gut health
  • Non-detectible* levels of the banned substances THC and CBDs
  • Balanced nutritionally to allow inclusion in any diet without requiring feeding adjustments

Hemp Shack – Quality Horse Nutrition, Naturally!

* To be confirmed in larger studies